Book Review

Cecily Paterson – Love & Muddy Puddles

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group at school and is planning to have the most amazing year ever. But then her dad decides to go all eco-feral-greenie-crazy-tree-change and moves the whole family to a remote farm so they can ‘bond’. With social death looming and more than… Continue reading Cecily Paterson – Love & Muddy Puddles

new releases

New Releases: 27th March – 2nd April 2017

Firstly, sorry for being very quiet this weekend! It was one of those busy ones but I’ll be back on track this week 🙂 One of my favourite parts of the weekend is getting to see all the fabulous new books that are coming out in the next week – here are some of my… Continue reading New Releases: 27th March – 2nd April 2017

Book Review

Harriet Cummings – We All Begin as Strangers

It’s 1984, and summer is scorching the ordinary village of Heathcote. What’s more, a mysterious figure is slipping into homes through back doors and open windows. Dubbed ‘the Fox’, he knows everything about everyone – leaving curious objects in their homes, or taking things from them. When beloved Anna goes missing, the whole community believes… Continue reading Harriet Cummings – We All Begin as Strangers